Sevco fans rage, grasp at straws and stare into the abyss… Again

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Warbo had a Magic Hat, Pedro the best squad in the country, Murty’s boys cheered to Tina Turner when they drew the Hoops and Slippy was here to ease their pain.

All were found out in time and now Sevco’s support knows that yet again, they are staring at paying out on 3 years of their revolutionary leaders contract.

I hope they don’t, Gerrard epitomised failure at winning Leagues and going the distance, he is best remembered for pulling a rabbit out of his hat in Cup matches from distance.

With Morelos sitting grumpily on the bench, there was more spark in a snowstorm than there was from the Sevco attackers, when their one dimensional poacher doesn’t play they look even more one dimensional as an outfit.

A lot has been said about gaps closing, in truth that has happened, not because they are catching up but because we had a disastrous start to the season.

The media rejoiced as we fell out of Europe, throughout the entire Boyata saga at the same time we missed out on a host of transfer targets which was compounded by selling Dembele, unfortunately, it gave the opposition a headstart.

We have since clawed that back, if results go our way over the coming week we will be back at the summit of the Premiership with a game in hand, I hope Lenny does us a favour midweek and that we well and truly put Hearts back under their rock.

There has been enough bluster out of there for one season, Hearts will likely pipe down and then be whittled away by results, Sevco, on the other hand, will maintain the rage and keep screaming about 55 until it is well and truly out of reach.

Then it will switch to the Scottish Cup and a likely attempt to stop the Treble Treble, something that if we achieve it will mean that our own tally of trebles will move to 6, just 1 behind the Oldco’s oft-heard tally and bonafide world record of 7.

Ra Peepa can hear the footsteps, we are mowing down their records in plain sight, Gerrard’s apprenticeship is coinciding with Rodgers PhD, as the former youth coach is learning his trade, Brendan is writing a thesis that will shape how we think about Celtic for years to come, 10 in a row is within our reach, with Slippy over there it is odds on.

The Peepul have come to realise this, simply, they know full well that the task at hand is beyond Gerrard, he had a decent start in Europe, bought a few players who looked decent for half a dozen games and then everyone did their homework and now they look positively pointless in attack.

On the other hand, Brendan brought the same team minus 3 stars in Moussa, Paddy and Armstrong, we looked flat as the remaining players learned to win without them, the ball kept going sideways and back and then we played St. Johnstone and ran them off the field.

We have played some fantastic Football since and the gradients of the two Glasgow clubs couldn’t be more different.

Nor could the outlook of both managers, with Brendan turning down offers from England and China we have a man committed to the project, with Slippy, we have a man out of his depth already copping pelters from the angry mob.

Between now and the showdown at Ibrox on the 29th of December, Slippy’s Sevco career hangs in the balance, no matter how much the media loves him now, Football is a results business, they are starting to turn already online and in the fast-emptying stands.

We have seen this before, we warned it would happen.

Magic hats, coffee machines, shrubs, green boots, cheering the draw, 22 million for Freddo, Stevie G Loyal… the list of laughs just keeps on coming.