Sevco have 10 days to save themselves

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As disturbing as our lack of movement in the transfer window has been, we remain hopeful of a few new signings, across the city they have loan Rangers popping up everywhere, but the expensive flops still remain.

With Sevco having lived off soft loans for some time, this month was always going be crucial, they either need to offload a lot of surplus players or they need to sell at least one of their better players.

To be fair, Morelos is worth a few million in today’s market, Windass, Tavernier and Foderingham could all bring in 500+, the rest are pure mince.

At the centre of that mince are the more costly ones, Herrera, Dalcio, Cardoso, Candeias, Alaves and Kranjcar being the worst of them.

So far we are hearing the revving engine of the DR warming up to drive Bruno to the airport, but what of the rest?

Life contract for Herrera, I have never seen anyone treat the Premiership like a league of testimonial games ever, he looks bored running around the field in circles.

Dalcio is in Glasgow merely to earn money, why they have taken Dodoo, O’Halloran and Halliday back from loan and left Dalcio at Ibrox is ridiculous.

Candeias is honestly the worst player I have ever seen in Blue, he can cross a ball and score at training, useless at everything else.

Cardoso and Alaves are bomb scares, Cardoso does something stupid ever game and Alaves is slow and looks disinterested at defending, preferring to take free kicks and plaster them into row z.

Kranjcar was useless in the first derby of last season, then got injured and has since done nothing, hopefully, he signs an extension.

There are no takers for these players, no one wants their club to actively get worse, why sign a Sevco player?

In the coming weeks, we will see either an Ibrox club selling its best for whatever it can get and letting its worst go after a healthy payout or a miracle transfer.

Then the takeover board gets back into session and Dave will need a miracle to not be hounded out of finance itself.

They are laughing at us online for ‘Fake’ administration rumours, all are happy and content, still going for 55 and all of a sudden loving Cummings.

All of which is great news, 9 more days of the status quo and we will reaching for our bowls once more.

Jelly and Ice Cream is coming.