Sevco in meltdown, bust ups and a lost dressing room greet the Peepul

Alfredo Morelos has gone from the 11 million pound man who some fans compared to Dembele to a man who has choked twice with a prone keeper and open goal, his bust-up with Docherty has confirmed his lack of temperament and a lower league EFL team beckons in the summer.

Murty is a dead man walking on the blue mile, you have to feel for him as he has been handed the poison chalice but that he dared to dream out loud and began to believe his own delusion ultimately has torpedoed a young managers career before it began.

This defeat and the one at Ibrox will hang over him for the rest of his career, the man who choked when in front at home a man up and the man whose team cheered when they drew the Champions and told us all about it.

How he must wish he could turn back the clock to when he went about his business quietly and the wins started to amass one after the other.

The superiority complex crept in and the cliff edge which is reality soon took the feet from under him, I will be amazed if he isn’t sacked today, let’s hope he isn’t, the dressing room won’t play for him after this.

Halliday’s petulance made Kris Commons outburst look like a fart in the wind, screaming and being restrained by Alves he set the tone for what was always going to happen, the complete implosion of the Ibrox team.

McCrorie has fresh scars from a ridiculous challenge which rightly earned him a red card, when you look at their team he is the only other rising star alongside new signing Docherty.

Docherty himself played a decent game, I read in the past week’s people comparing him to Scott Brown, the pure idiocy of such a statement is clear for all to see now.

Broony was a mountain yesterday drifting between midfield and the back line when Ajer or Tierney pushed up and supporting the attacking options around the box and repetitively taking the ball off their players in their own half, he gave them no peace.

That Docherty was in the bust up with Morelos shows exactly how dire their position is, their “star striker” and their best on field are at each other’s throats, you couldn’t make it up.

Bates is already off, McCrorie is scarred, Morelos is laughable, Docherty is at war and the rest of them are so pathetic it can’t be adequately explained in a mere blog post.

Don’t worry about Celtic winning 10 in a row, we can scarcely fail when this is the opposition.

The next 5 weeks we will see Sevco pitted against the best teams in Scotland in a spate of 6 pointers, Hibs, Killie and even Aberdeen will smell blood in the water.

With a cold-shoulder looming and a share offer coming the deluded will bite the hand and give control to their penniless King.

Whoever leads them be it Murty or another puppet will write his name into the depths of the pantomime, popcorn will need to be imported every weekend, the slow death is back… Again.



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