Sevco open themselves up to massive court costs as battle goes sour

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You have to wonder who the hell advises the Newco on legal matters, they are in court every couple of months all the way back before King ousted Chuckles, they habitually lose or get a wee win and then lose on appeal, it is amazing that we are about to witness the Ibrox club be smashed on the back of a frivolous court action.

Essentially Sevco were trying to hock the naming rights at Ibrox all the way up to the 7th of June to none other than Cinch, the fact it fell through is academic, that the Newco have since played the lines that the deal was inadequate and that it impinged their own deal with Parks of Hamilton as the primary reasons that an injunction was launched looks to be laughable after todays events.

A redacted document was presented as evidence, in layman terms a redacted document is one which has been censored, the types with black marker smudging out all the important information, essentially Sevco have given a key piece of evidence to a presiding Lord with the date and a signature and the words We… Are… the… People and 25 layers of blurred out evidence and reached for the third thumb.

This has not gone unchallenged.

“We do have considerable doubt about the way in which this document has been produced and redacted and we would invite your lordship to direct the petitioners to disclose the full contract to your lordship in a sealed envelope in order that the purported redactions can be examined and the issue of commercial sensitivity determined as it is a matter under the court.”

“The fact is that right up to June 7, Rangers Football Club Limited was negotiating with cinch to sell them the naming rights to Ibrox so it became the cinch Ibrox stadium and of course that was a proposal of considerable value to Rangers Football Club Ltd. 

The evidence of this sensitive commercial information will all be a laugh for us, we will find out what Ibrox’s soul is worth for example, more than the quid they sold it to MASH for i would say, but it will also show how this contract fell through and lead to a lot of testimony to explain the ends of TIRFC’s complaint.

You can imagine that the end game is going to be losing this case quite badly, indeed they may well petition to have their own petition thrown out of court before the details of their stupidity are revealed.

They will be in breach of contract to Cinch from round one until the final hearing meaning they will get nothing from the deal itself but will still have to show the Cinch logo, they will pay full costs of the SPFL and any chance of garnering a stadium deal whilst the Bears hibernate in June will be scuppered, all in all, they have made a complete and utter…. of it.

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