Sevco says we “cannot accept reality”

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Sevco have printed a statement on their website were they are not merely defending the survival myth, but they are now officially champion it. The fact that we all watched them die in 2012 is of no significance. There are three sentences within their Lamb crafted statement that are particularly erroneous.

Clearly it rankles with some that we, Rangers, are still here with our history intact and the best way to protect this proud heritage is to ignore our detractors.

Yes it does rankle with supporters of other clubs that the Oldco dropped over 100 million pounds in debt and skipped on over 50 million pounds in tax. The fact that no apology has been offered or any remorse displayed for a decade long con job that ultimately led to their deaths is a point of consternation for some of us. That instead of contrition we see bullish displays and headlines talking about how “We’ve been punished enough” and how it is time to “move along”. The idea that for bankrupting yourself then refusing to pay the fines claiming it is the other club… i mean companies, debt equals punishment is ridiculous. Liquidation was a consequence of their actions.

Celebrate the Club, its unbroken timeline, honours and achievements but do not sing any inappropriate songs.

The honours of The Rangers as i understand them to be are Division 3 Champions (12/13), League 2 Champions (13/14) and nothing else. Their unbroken line goes back to when Charles Green bought the assets which as he stated in court were divisible and started a Newco. Their achievements are to have spent more money in the lower leagues than the tax bill that killed the Oldco.

Sevco are operating on the premise that if you tell a lie enough it becomes the truth. They are now stating what their fans have been saying since Sevco’s 140th birthday celebrations, a matter of weeks after Sevco Scotland played Brechin City in the Ramsdens Cup. But if we are now to hear this survivalist diatribe from the Newco itself, it will constitute an outright assault on common sense.

Instead, Follow With Pride and let those who cannot accept reality, or legal judgment, examine their own mind sets.

Accepting reality is something the deluded just can’t seem to understand. That they are now levying this insult at us because we have sensory perception and remember seeing the headlines, hearing the howls, feeling amazing as the CVA was taken away and can still smell and taste the Jelly and Ice Cream for 2012. I will trust my senses.

As for legal judgement, the LNS commission has been proven not to be a Legal procedure as LNS was a retired Lord and also was being paid to come to reach a certain decision. When this does see the inside of a court room and lets hope it is in the CAS, counsel will be able to drive a bus through the holes in the survival story.

Let us be clear. Rangers died, their timeline is not intact, their trophy room belongs to a dead club. Their  administration was one of a club floundering around for 6 months lying to everyone, instead of finding a solution based on facts and not succulence. This culminated with them dying in Liquidation with no rescue ever attempted. If this is not a blip on the radar, then it goes a long way to explain why 55% of Scots are not capable of understanding the simplest of issues.