Ahhh the banter years, aren’t they just wonderful, another one bites the dust as yet another successor to Charlie Green does walking away without a trophy to his name.

Now that Dodgy Dave is away we will have to see who comes next, I actually think the Newco has an investor lined up, someone willing to pump in the coin to keep them afloat til seasons end and also to pay for King’s tribute to MASH.

The reason I think this is that if they have no one lined up then they are proper [email protected]#ked.

The facts are that they spoke of a 10 million pound shortfall for the year, meaning that to keep the lights on past February they will need that investment, with king stepping down we can assume NOAL has been sucked dry.

King himself stated he was ‘penniless’ before a court before putting 13 million in an account a few months later, even that didn’t stop the cold shoulder, that he hasn’t faced perjury is a farce.

In what day and age is 13 million quid and penniless a lexical set?

But the real concern for Sevco is upon them in the next five weeks, they need to get out of their group in Europe to garner some more coin, something surprisingly I believe they can do.

They then have the domestic threat of a mountain of fixtures and also a Cup Final vs Celtic to contend with, failure in these will lead to meltdown not just in the stands but in financial affairs as well, we have seen this before.

When Jelavic proclaimed the title was in the bag by rights it actually was.

It took someone as splendidly inept as Ally McCoist to rescue defeat from the jaws of victory, no sooner did they fall apart on the field then Champions League Football evaporated and with it the chance of many millions.

Creditors saw the writing on the wall and then demanded their money, the Oldco couldn’t pay the lot and died in an 8-minute meeting chaired by a representative of the Queen.

Should Rangers fall behind this coming month and lose the Final to Celtic and fall out of their group in Europe, the January break will become a car boot sale where 10’s of millions are displayed but closer to hundreds of thousands will be accepted.

King has left at an amazing period, whereby the teams are neck and neck and set to contest a final, however, the company is about to run out of money and MASH is due his verdict in January, he leaves just as their overspending threatens to both topple Celtic and the 7 and a half year old club all at once.

Again I honestly assume there is someone waiting in the wings, if not, we will see the Newco in admin between Valentines and Paddy’s day, someone has to pay for all of this, today we found out, Dave ain’t paying no more.