Sevco fans £69 million for 5 players transfer thread is peak banter years

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Well you get to a Europa League cup final and become champions of Scotland by winning the Scottish Cup and next thing you know your club is worth more than the heaven and the earth.

Clarky has been hard on the deludamol since Ryan Kent missed from 5 yards and has decided that he is worth Tierney money himself.

Itten, Helander and Barasic have also found out that they actually have resale values, something that remains a surprise to their agents.

This thread also goes on to describe the millions Sevco can spend on new arrivals, including a goalkeeper for between £10 and £15 million, go have a giggle yourself, I will just focus on these players who we know… and that we know are mince.

So beginning at the end, Itten isn’t worth tuppence, he seriously has no resale value, if he was released by the club he would have a hard time finding a team that would pay him 5k a week.

Ryan Kent between £17 and £25 million, wow man glue is for sticking things together! The man who shattered their dreams with a sitter in the Europa League isn’t worth the £7 million he signed for from Liverpool.

Helander for £3 to £6.5 million is a sick joke, this sick note is never on the pitch, he wasn’t even a member of the European squad before he was injured, the Newco would be happy if he left for nothing.

Barasic between £5 and £10 million, he had an offer of £2 million knocked back from Watford last window, he then was schooled in the derby where Sevco handed us the ascendancy, has looked all at sea and desperate for a move, £2 million looks too much in fairness.

Bassey fior £25 million, wow we are going to see this over and over again the entire length and breadth of the transfer window.

If anyone tells you he is Tierney’s level, post this video on the comment.

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