Sevco’s transfer efforts get the cold shoulder

The window is closed and Sevco has more mouths to feed than when it opened, they have bought two players and brought in 4 more players on loan.

In the other direction, they are picking up around half of Pena’s loan deal to Mexico and forgotten defender Danny Wilson has gone away to the MLS for a snip.

They are somehow in worse financial shape now than they were when they were celebrating their point in Paradise.

Now it must be said, the Newco is due in court with their chairman about to become a financial pariah, to add to King’s woes Sevco reportedly turned down between 5.8 and 8 million pounds.

That is to say, if they had accepted one of these massive mystery bids then Mr. King would have enough for his share prospectus.

Instead, it has been reported that they rejected these bids and instead have decided to chance their hand at an appeal.

Now to make myself clear, I don’t believe any such bids were leveled but it has been stated in the press that Sevco rejected the initial offer.

Therefore, Mr. King’s assertion that he is penniless now holds no sway, he had the opportunity to live within the law and chose to play the skint card and keep all his players.

He essentially is going with an appeal based on the premise of: I want my cake and eat it.

If there was the slightest chance that his defence of not knowing the rules or not having any money to comply with them would be accepted, you would have to think that it will be rubbished now.

He knows the rules and he turned down access to the alleged money to live within them too.

When the verdict comes down on King the fit and proper South African will be cold-shouldered from all listed entities, companies that make their shirts, companies that sponsor them, companies that play against them.

With Alaves, Dalcio, Hererra and half of Pena’s wages now to be paid until the Summer at least and with new players on the wage bill, Sevco will need a miracle to make it to the season ticket money.

Soft loans have kept the Ibrox club solvent for years now, however, they will soon become illegal to give as no business can be done with a board harbouring someone who isn’t complying with the take over board’s directive.

One listed company of note is Celtic FC plc, it will be interesting if the clubs lawyers allow us to play and therefore trade with a cold-shouldered company we are demanded to ignore.

But then we won’t be the only ones seeking legal advice, I am sure Mr. Regan has some Teflon style quotes arranged to get moving along done by all clubs, sponsors, stadiums and insurance companies.

All of which have a legal personality and lawfully will not be able to do business with the Newco.

But that is next weeks story.



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