It is endemic of the people, or maybe pandemic of Them, as the hour dictates, that misunderstanding everything is an excuse to be temporarily happy before reverting to being permanently angry.

The joy they felt at Celtic possibly being stopped from winning 9 in a row has been tempered over the day as both the Primer Minister they voted for and UEFA that they point at to reinforce their history have turned on them.

With the first, BoJo knows full well that the financial implications of voiding a season means not just that a few people supporting a young club can be happy, it means that every sponsor, season ticket holder and TV rights owner can claim a refund which in itself could lead to complete armageddon in Football across the UK.

Simply, the Tories do not just deliver Brexit, they deliver dividends to their donours and it is very unlikely they will stamp on the toes of the Murdoch media and its friends who put them in their jobs in the first place.

It is a strong clue that The Sun broke the story about BoJo’s idea to award the titles for this year with the unprecedented pandemic shocking many and leaving the sport itself in hiatus.

The second is UEFA, itself a bastion of non-corruption that lauds sporting integrity and is incorruptible from the corporate elite, or maybe not, they too understand the consequences of voiding a season.

Let us take Alex Rae’s analogy, if there is a horse race and i bet my life savings on it and none of the horses finish because the stewards wave them down with one horse 13 lengths ahead, do I lose my bet?

No, I go back to the bookie, say the race was null and void and recoup my outlay, something every football fan can choose to do with relation to their investment in a season brief, the TV stations in their rights issues and every sponsor and shirt manufacturer (well maybe not Hummel) across the entire sport.

The facts are, this season legally must come to an end, now for mine i honestly believe we can win this by ourselves, we need no favours, I am desperate for the Football to recommence.

But if this opportunity is taken away from us due to public health concerns then so be it, just as long as our well earned title is secured or at the very least all games are put on hold until such time we can win them.

The people howled at the moon for a night as is their penchant, i believe between now and the weekend we are going to see a meltdown across the way which will have bedsheets and MEMOS being written by the idly by brigade once more.

They deserve better was the cry…