Shameful Record attacks Lenny by proxy again

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The Daily Record has once more printed garbage concerning Neil Lennon, this time stating that he is a proven signer of dross, I am sure Wanyama and Virgil will be upset being called such.

The facts are that yet again the DR has opened up the phone lines and the gullible have called in to spout their delusion, the key culprit had this to say earning himself a headline.

Alfie Mullen, London, added: “Celtic fans have been saying they are signing quality while Rangers are signing quantity. I’m not so sure.

“You’ve got to remember who is signing these players for Celtic – Neil Lennon . He has a proven track record of signing dross. So I wouldn’t look at any players he signs and say they are quality, whatever the cost. Lennon wouldn’t know a good player if he tripped over one.”

The man who assembled a squad from the sale of Aiden McGeady who went on to beat one of the greatest Barcelona teams in history wouldn’t know a good player if he tripped over one?

The hurt seems like it is all too much for some.

The DR continues to see its sales plummet as it becomes less and less relevant, with headlines like this, you can see why it is boycotted and why so many Celtic fans want to see it banned from Paradise.