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Today Celtic will take the field at home to Morton in the Scottish Cup and there will be a familiar pressure from a new source. The pressure is one you are feeling as you read this, a team from Ibrox is in the next round and we simply must join them in the hat. For years we have laughed at Sevco and their Cup surrenders under McCoist, now we have a challenge again. Celtic have been playing some pure abysmal football recently, but the time to snap out of it and to get a result is now.

Sevco fans are predictably happy as for the first time in 4 years they have something to brag about. They WILL win the League this year, Hibernian have gifted it to them. On top of this they have a wee ditty cup against Peterhead to pick up in the”Trophies Celtic doesn’t, hasn’t and wont ever play for” category. But the idea of them having any form of a treble is as nauseating as it was with the Oldco. We have to be there to stop them at Hampden in the Sun, hopefully this May.

The consequences for Ronny Deila losing this game are nothing, he will still be manager of Celtic tomorrow. But the consequence in the stands could be the major talking point. Paradise is half deserted at the moment and should Celtic succumb to Morton the fans will not return. This in turn would leave Lawwell in an unenviable position. An empty stadium and angry fans are not what he wants immediately before we start a campaign for Europe (hopefully) and to hold off the Newco domestically next season.

Indeed should Deila fail it must be seen as an over all failure from Peter Lawwell. His strategy of bringing in a manager who is Green on experience but not from the Green of Celtic has not been accepted by many in the stands. His nationality or the fact he is not a former Celt doesn’t bother me. The way he approaches any set back however is at times perplexing, it is like watching an apprentice going through a tool box for a screw driver when you need a spanner. In a perfect world Ronny would stumble through til the end of the season, pick up the League and the Cup and then do moving along.

With the Newco on the horizon the club may be different but their fans are the same, what it stands for is the same and how it trades without a care is the same. I hate these fans, what they stand for, what they sing, the crap they believe and i hate how this rabble of thieves are allowed to deceive, steal and threaten with impunity. Sevco are not Rangers, but a Hun’s a Hun. The pressure of knowing our failure would present them an opportunity to play European football next year has me anxious for the fight, the fight for Silverware.