Sir Minty back at ‘Rangers’? Time to get striping and he can pay the face painter first.

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I found one piece of information so fantastic as to barely be believable in October 2016 when charges were laid against Whyte, Green, Withey, Clark and Grier over a conspiracy to not just take over Rangers FC, but to kill it, rebrand it, cast off its debts and then own it.

The charges were thrown out with no actual explanation, all of them never stood before a court to answer for thousands of hours of police work, instead a patsy was put forward and of course, Craig Whyte laughed as he left court so pathetic was the prosecution.

Excerpt from a Daily Mail article on the charges.

The facts are that there was a conspiracy not just to cast off Rangers FC’s debts, but also to plunge the club into administration and risk liquidation in order to do it, something which has categorically changed Football in Scotland.

The leagues have been renamed and restructured, Armageddon has come and gone, delusion is the order of the day and theft, outright theft hangs over the SFA’s trophy room.

The shower of spivs that pulled off the death of the Oldco and the cheap spawning of the Newco were all known to each other years before Valentines Day 2012, this was stated in court papers.

Sir David Murray has yet to face a single charge even though he defrauded not just the tax man but Scottish Football, he snuck out on a mega debt and now is poised to buy back in now that the storm has abated.

It will be an act of absolute bastadry when a man who screwed 276 creditors, framed a patsy and then lurched off into the shadows, waited for the club to need a saviour only to come back and buy in to ‘The same old Ranjuurs’ and chase glory without paying any of his dues.

If he does take up a stakeholding in the Newco, several things must be demanded, first among them title stripping, we are told there is no appetite for it, when the man who stole those titles is back in the picture let us see if that remains true.

The club must demand that the titles be rendered void, if not then this must be taken to the court of arbitration in sport, that they have gotten away with what they have is a scandal.

Secondly, if Murray is to come on board to the Peepul then he must by rights settle the debts he left behind, he was the one who spent the money that bankrupted the Oldco, if he is to return to Ibrox then he can pay the Oldco’s debts back pound for pound.

He has been reported to currently be worth 150 million pounds, he should still have 20 million or so left when he has cleaned up the mess he left behind.

Then we can reopen the annulment of their tainted titles and see if we can add some justice to an era with Sir David Murray and Rangers in the same sentence.