Smell the fear: Lustig heaps pressure on Newco and Slippy

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In 1997/1998 the Celtic team came out with the famous “Smell the glove” slogan, something they are yet to tell us the meaning of, but this in house secret steeled a Celtic team who were heavy underdogs to title glory which will never be forgotten.

That team had a new manager in Wim Jansen and a new forward bought for a little over 600,000 pounds by the name of Henrik Larsson, we dropped the first two games and it looked like those who would regularly yell “Gazzzzzzzaaaaaaa FTP ya Fenian basturt” would eclipse Jock Stein’s record.

Of course, Celtic battled throughout the season and secured the title at home on the last day vs St. Johnstone with Henke and Bratbak claiming the goals.

Now across the way we have Smell the fear as Slippy and his The Rangers team attempt to overcome a club of serial winners lead by the iconic Neil Lennon and with a team bursting with Champions on the cusp of making themselves legends.

A man who claimed 8 Premiership medals in Mika Lustig has come out to profess his love of Celtic and as is his cheeky penchant, to heap the pressure on the club he loved to beat, his celebrations with a police cap or his dance after putting the 5th past Wes will be replayed for years.

Speaking in the DR:

“Ten in a row is going to be a lot of pressure. To be honest I think there’s going to be more pressure on the Rangers players.

“If they’re not going to win next year they’re probably going to go down as the worst team ever in their history, so it’s massive pressure for them.”

The worst ever team, wow I bet Ally McCoist and Pedro Caixinha would disagree there, but the failures of these limited managers will be magnified when Celtic win the ten.

Slippy can have no excuses, 3 years to attempt to win one trophy whilst managing the self proclaimed most successful team in Football should have been a snip,

The pressure is now well and truly going to be brought to bare, their squad is deficient in leaders, the idea that Tavernier could put his name beside Tam Boyd makes me sick, one a serial loser who can’t defend for toffee, the other a fine defender, leader and club man.

I never get bored of hearing him commentate on Celtic TV, he is the only man in Scotland who appraises the referees properly.

The Rangers have a long summer ahead whereby they will collect the Preseason Cup yet again, Going for 55 will be trundled out again and Castore will make sure there is something orange to buy, then 11 men will cross the white line and we will see what challenge they will bring.

One of these teams will earn legendary status, one lead by a serial winner and full of champions, the other by a man adept at throwing his players under a bus for not acheiving on the pitch what he never managed himself, to win the League title.

Smell the fear Sevco.