SMSM lies cant hide Sevco’s sectarian Shame

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The fight which took place after the Scottish Cup final was a disgrace, the allegations that Hibernian’s fans attacked Sevco’s players if proven true are serious. No footballer deserves to be attacked, nor any manager for that matter.

But the scenes of the release of 114 years of hurt by the Hibees faithful were a beautiful thing, the fans of a quintessential club yelling Fenian Bastard and attacking fans in groups whilst they lay prone on the ground is disgusting. Only Scotland’s Shame could belligerently attack people and then throw the blame on those they attacked. Only in Scotland exists a media that would encourage those lies.

Listen and watch Scotland’s Shame yourself. Who do you believe? Who do you blame?

The DR has understandably gone into cage rattling mode. The dying paper has carried the allegations of attacks on Newco players. But as if this is not enough, there is a piece of sham journalism even by their standards.


No mention of sectarian singing or thuggery. 

The story of a wee Zombie lass who was a mascot for the referee, it insinuates that she was on the pitch when the invasion occurred. The DR stated “Rebecca was shaking and terrified and in tears at the end of it.” A paragraph or so on “The Hibs fans were almost over the hoarding and into the fans’ area where I was with my daughter. I am disgusted.” 

So her father might be disgusted if he were to watch the video of Scotland’s Shame kicking people on the ground and yelling sectarian abuse. The facts are that this little girl in the stands, who had no proximity to the other fans, which were “over the hoarding” spat the dummy and cried, as 9 year olds often do.

So a 9 year old cried because Sevco didn’t win, that’s news worthy, Sevco fans were rude, violent and screaming hate speech… well, you know… that’s merely the Shame on game day.