SNP must demand a new referendum

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The UK may be ‘Independent” but Scotland, Wales and Ulster can not say the same. Moreover from the Scottish perspective, the ‘Vow” which was made by the Tory liars and seized upon by the sycophantic Scottish Main Stream Media, should be called into play as a broken promise that demands a new referendum.

Scotland’s people re-endorsed the SNP at the last assembly elections and the SNP only narowly missed out on an outright majority. This can be hypothesised was due to the 2 vote system which split many SNP voters with many voting Green with their second vote.

The Greens must be pragmatic, if they wish to build their environmental left wing platform then an alliance over a new vote for Independence with the SNP is their best option. Not only will it position them to feed off Labours electoral carcass in the future, but it will also to announce themselves as a Scottish party and not a London affiliate.

45% of Scots voted for Independence at the last referendum, the polls which had consistently showed 30% or so in favour of Independence for months and indeed years up until the final weeks when Indy snuck a lead. Now i disregard the polls, the Unionist media sold us a package of negative lies aimed at taking the wind out of the Indy campaign.

But just as independent polling had shown a lead for progress, the Torys stopped project fear and replaced it with a Vow on the front page of Scotland’s Shame: The Daily Record. This vow doubtlessly influenced those who were pouring over to the Indy side.

These lies have not be honoured and now Scots find themselves stripped of European Citizenship. This is a scandal that can only be fixed with a second referendum. Holyrood should debate this immediately and the SNP should look a pincer movement of wooing votes on the assembly floor to get the referendum passed via the Greens, or looking for Labours ‘Yes’ministers to cross the floor.

Labour is dead in Scotland, with just a few votes needed for an outright SNP majority and with the continental ground shifting below their feet, surely there are a few who could be tempted to jump off the sinking ship that all our parents voted for.

Scotland botched the last referendum, the lies were believed and the fear won the day. It is now time to demand a new referendum and juxtapose the intransigence of London post referendum with its vows before it. The key question of currency will become easier to sell if the pound falls below the Euro, but Scotland should merely float the Scottish Pound and if it were to crash then peg it to either the Sterling or the Euro.

The English have torn the Scottish people from a Union built on peace and International law. As the far right wing bombs Syria and then uses their ‘Migrants’ to scare its own people out of the EU, it is time Scots made a stark choice, believe in their lies and illegal wars, or set a path built on Scotland’s interests as a member of the International and European communities.

For any true Scot there can only be one answer: UK Independent of Europe, Scotland Independent of Greater England.