Souper Stevie G wraps himself in the cloak of delusion

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So it took 90 minutes, or maybe 93 to elicit the victimisation from a manager, who looks to repeat his hollow playing career as a manager, the excuses have begun.

Celtic fans that support Liverpool too I suggest you don’t read further, I hate Liverpool and always have, I hate Stevie G and always have, I hate every team in England and always will.

I have had this argument 5 million ties with Greens and have no interest in annoying my own, but what he has said today is that he isn’t one of us.

For example, we have found out Steven is a major fan of Ra Peepa, he has been following them for years, well at least it seems he has, that or he is just another pathological liar and mercenary who will say anything for a pay day.

Making excuses in the DR, Stevie showed his true colours.

“It seems like the world is against us today,” he said. “But we’ll make sure we get better for that because it looks like some more decisions will go against us as the season goes on.

“We need to try and use it to our advantage. It’s not just today, I believe it’s been happening for seasons. That’s just my opinion.

So it has been happening in other seasons?

Which ones?

In the era of the Oldco?

In the “Banter years” after their unfortunate demotion?

When they couldn’t beat Motherwell so Moshni beat the stuffing out of people not looking?

These bad decisions have affected “Scottish fans” for sometime, you won’t make Christmas Stevie!

I am away to rattle my beads for the time between now and our game at Mordor to go quicker, someone I have always hated and enjoyed watching lose in a red or white shirt has his head on Brendan’s chopping block.

No mercy is deserved, none will be given.