SPFL manager calls for referees to be ‘Brave’ and punish Sevco

Image for SPFL manager calls for referees to be ‘Brave’ and punish Sevco

The Newco are yet to have conceded a penalty with 2 being overlooked on the weekend as a player was kicked in the head and another barged to the ground from behind in the penalty box completely oblivious to one of the Newco’s favourite sycophants.

Today Jim Goodwin has come out with an impassioned plea for referees to actually look past their dubious history and actually have literally a litle integrity, calling for ‘bravery’, something we will be unlikely to see unless Sevco are 3-0 up.

Speaking in STV he said:

“In any game you are in you need an element of luck, you need certain decisions to go in your favour.

“You need the referees to get the big decisions right on the day and be brave enough to make those decisions.

“There has been one or two instances where there have been penalties that haven’t been awarded and you are hoping that those kinds of decisions don’t go against us tomorrow.

“I think I’m right in saying Rangers are the only team in the Premiership who haven’t had a penalty given against them and sometimes subconsciously it can play on the minds of officials.

“You just hope that if we are to have one of those decisions tomorrow that they go in our favour and the referees are brave enough to make the calls needed.

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