“Spot the red card” Referees hypocrisy pinpointed in one tweet

Image for “Spot the red card” Referees hypocrisy pinpointed in one tweet

The referee’s in Scotland have always been of a poor standard, moreover there is the masonic elephant in the room that continually gives decisions against Celtic or for Rangers.

Of course with relation to fouls, Rangers get retrospective bans and not red cards, sometimes they don’t even get those bans like with relation to Aribo below when his yellow was maintained.

Both McGregor and Turnbull were assaulted, such tackles will invariably lead to injuries, ask Celtic assistant manager John Kennedy, he had his career ended by a reckless tackle whilst on national duty.

That Porteous got the red card when he missed the player coincided with Hibernian leading Sevco is no surprise, nor was the penalty award last week surprising, Kent hung out his foot felt a touch and went down as if hit by a sniper.

Sevco know they can play for penalties and expect them to be awarded, their players are protected with even small fouls drawing yellows and it seems impossible for one of their number to ever be sent off.

On the other hand we have a hair trigger referee every time we take the field, the slightest bump is a yellow for us but anything that can be construed as red is yellow and most yellows fall into the stern talking to category for our opposition.

The club needs to speak out against this, our players need protected and more so with £40 million at stake, we need the rules applied fairly or this will cost us silverware and a massive pot of money.

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