Stan Collymore never played for Celtic but is followd by many Celts as he constantly takes a stand against racism in the game, something that is largely supported by Celtic fans from Call it out to BLM or taking a knee, of course, something that is quite the opposite from the 8-year-old clubs fans from Ibrox.

As such Stan can often get into arguments with the Klanbase and has no real affection for the alleged most successful team in football, yesterday was no different.

The school jumpers fiasco is peak banter years, that Castore even tried it is amusing, Glasgow is a hotbed of patter and Twitter is merciless, that the Behon brothers thought a few slogans and an appearance on a podcast would allow them to iron a few badges on a school jumper and sell it to the deluded as sportswear is farcical.

Could you imagine Adidas, Nike, New Balance, Umbro or Puma doing that?

No, me neither.