Yesterday we saw an outright provocative and ridiculous form of policing used against anti fascist protesters in George Square, in times of the pandemic, huddling everyone together is tantamount to attempting to harm and spread disease.

The Green Brigade answered the call to go to these protests and stand in solidarity with the BLM and refugee’s are welcome movements and were following social distancing techniques until forcibly kettled by police.

This hasn’t gone unnoticed or without reply, today a statement was issued on this lunacy which hopefully will lead to the abandoning of the practice by the police.

Here is a selection of Tweets of the incidents and the peaceful protest that took place and was aggressively stopped by being kettled.

At the bottom, you will see a small video from one of 2 protests full of raging Unionist running riot in the city centre.

Police here were heavy handed as the video shows.

The message from these protesters who were not kettled couldn’t be clearer.

As always there are Peepul who will tell you that if it wasn’t for the people on the stachoos then we would all be speaking German, that they are supporters of fascism is somehow lost on them.