Stephen Finnie: the latest chapter of “Honest Mistakes”

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Stephen Finnie and his penalty non decisions and a deserved Red Card are similar to Alan Muir’s flawed decisions last year, in particular his no penalty for a clear hand ball vs Caley Thistle. That horendous decision cost us the treble. There is no other way to look at it. He was back this season for the game vs Motherwell which we narrowly won 1-0. We did however have 2 stone walled penalties turned down that would have made the task far easier.


No Penalty according to Alan Muir.

Yesterdays missed penalties were reminiscent of the penalties in the Motherwell game. One was a belligerent tackle and a stone wall penalty anyway you look at it and the other was a case of hand ball so blatant that it is inconceivable for the game to continue. If it either happened in a park game the first would have started a fight and the other would have stopped the other 21 players cold. In Scotland, it is play on.

Both incidents below, make up your own mind.

Two footed hack in the box. Dangerous play, it should have been a straight Red and a penalty.

This lad should just pull the gloves on after a fine smothering save. This was a blatant penalty and the referee is in good position. This is a deliberate attempt to save the ball with your hands. It should be a straight Red and a penalty.

Too often the evidence is overwhelming and the excuse the same. These are not honest mistakes. It didn’t cost us yesterday and lucky it didn’t as our lead is small. These honest mistakes need to be audited by UEFA, see how many there have been per team, review the decisions and establish the pattern. Until they do, Scotlands Shame will hold the whistle to our next game as well.