‘Stop the 10 tax’ 1000 quid comes with free pies! Delusion and desperation hits Poundland

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The latest money raising scheme being touted by the deluded is probably the stupidest yet, jump on the thread below some of the replies are hilarious.

Now a Sevco season ticket already costs in excess of 400 pounds so it would be over 500 pounds each for this new tax, one which is hoped to garner 25,000 punters.

The sweetener to the deal is for autographed pictures of the players and free meat pies!

Exactly how many steak bakes and autographed pictures of Ryan Kent you get for your 500 quid have yet to be worked out, but it does say that there would be discounted season tickets if they stopped the 10.

That would mean after they had upped the wage bill they would have no way of maintaining it the year after, it is like Craig Whyte is selling next seasons tickets to Ticketus all over again.

Seriously, some Peepul never learn.