Sutton heaps pressure on Slippy as Clarke threatens his Ibrox tenure

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Chris Sutton’s Twitter account is something akin to a newspaper in itself, if anyone wants to actually find out what’s going on in Football you can go there and see what the big man is saying and it will likely set the tone for the days points of discussion and banter, with Killie hours away from a huge match at Ibrox, today was no different.

Sutton burst into laughter on the Saturday Sav when after stating that Stevie G’s season was a 4 out of 10 a female guest said he was an 8 out of 10.

As Chris said, it wasn’t “a medicore English Premier League team, it’s about winning trophies’  the banter continued to the fan boy howls from the audience and fellow presenters.

Sutton didn’t miss a trick by retweeting what he had said to his 171k followers on Twitter, you can give big Sutty a follow here and keep up with the all the news, he makes more sense than the fanboys after all.

Of course Big Chris also writes for the DR, his article about Gerrard’s flops throws the pressure on the Ibrox supremo with a further loss of ground to Celtic this afternoon having a terminal feel to it for the rookie manager.

He also goes on to suggest that Celtic should pay the going rate for McKenna, something i wholeheartedly agree with, you can read my article from earlier in the week below.

I wish everyone a Happy Paddy’s day weekend, plenty of Football, banter and long term permeation’s as to who will manage on either side of Glasgow await.