Tactical admin nears as finances are revealed

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This week we said goodbye to a true hero of the banter years, a man who battered The Rangers just as they started formulating a business plan based on profit, a man who drove a bonafide billionaire away from Ibrox, who screwed them with dodgy retail deals, cold-shouldered their business operations and handed Celtic 10 consecutive trophies… Thanks for the memories dodgy Dave.

But it is the recent revelations surrounding his departure which have been picked up by Bampots and SMSM alike which prick the ears, Sevco have admitted to a cash injection from its beloved teddy bears, apparently Mr. King wavered between being broke and flush with money and reached for the penniless option and was hastened to the door.

What this tells us is that the Peepa didn’t have enough money to make Thursdays pay roll, furthermore, what can be deduced is that the well is dry, they haven’t a pot to piss in, come April, they will be flat skint, no window to sell Morelos in, no mystery club wanting a Buffalo to save their bacon.

They are now contingent on one of three eventualities:
1- Investment from within the current regime
2- A messiah from outside the current structure
3- Administration and having their club undergo massive downsizing and patronisation from a far more reputable company than Duff and Phelps.

Now I wrote about this a few days ago and copped some pelters online for assuming that Administration was a possibility, but it is now looking far more a certainty, will Sevco reach for the 15 points before June 30 and hand us the title?

Now today I have read 2 fantastically written pieces by Phil Mac Giolla Bhain and James Forrest of The Celtic blog, both have spoken about the impending Armageddon in different ways, Phil is more Sevcocentric as is his remit, he points to the fact that Rangers will need to cut expenses before the next wage is due.

James spoke of how there are in fact several clubs trying to put aside the rules and penalties which deal with Administration, this would of course allow Ra Peepa to escape all their financial indiscretions and even right their dodgy ship without any sanction, it really is a must read on the current situation.

The facts are that as Phil points out, they don’t have money to survive the coming months and will more than likely be in distress in the coming weeks, as James points out there are clubs trying to move the goalposts on the punishments that are handed out for not balancing your books.

Celtic through all of this has resisted panic buying, it must be explained that Sevco were beaten by Celtic at home and went out and pissed 7 million up the wall for a player with 10 career goals in his mid-twenties.

He has no assists in a calendar year, had he not been bought, the club who had announced they were already skint would have another 2 months of payroll easily.

They shouldn’t be rewarded for having the business acumen of a toadstool.

As i stated in the article i wrote earlier in the week, should the people go into administration before June 30, that is to say 3 pay rolls from now when they indeed needed money for the last one, then we will be handed the title by way of them falling to 52 points and being able to get a maximum of 79 points, itself a point south of our current total of 80.

Should they hold on till July 1st, the penalty will be levied next season, Celtic will begin the season able to lose 5 matches without it harming our 10 in a row chances, to be clear, we have only lost 2 in 30 in this campaign.

If they take the tactical option, they hand us 9IAR and only cop a 5 point penalty for the 10, of course we all want the season finished, Lenny will hand us the 9 under those circumstances.

But the longer this carries on, the closer we are to a title that should be declared our own now and a dream we have held for a decade coming to fruition.

Stay safe Tims, this is a great time to be alive,