Take the 800 allocation to Poundland, if they rage shut it down

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The idea that Celtic have to give back an allocation for away tickets to Ibrox is frankly ridiculous, how on earth can a club be allowed to operate if it cant provide basic safety for away fans?

Celtic fans have braved trips all over the continent and been a credit to the club and to Scotland with displays of colour and song regardless of the result.

We are not a club full of neds who run amok, bathing in beer and singing songs of hate, that is left to the club we will be visiting and beating in December.

If the Shame live up to their moniker and attack away fans then the only sanction they can face is to play in front of empty stands, it is what happens across the continent.

When they come to play us again later in the season they will take their allocation and likely destroy whatever they touch as they belch their diatribe anew, it is what every club in Scotland has come to expect.

If we let them come and carry on but refuse to go there and behave, it sets a dangerous precedent, one whereby they can act as they wish and we just have to put up with it.

This club has got away with enough in the last 6 years of its existence, the club that it replaced was allowed to rort the rules, dodge tax and walk away from 276 creditors for more than 100 million pounds.

Football has made enough concessions to this support and the clubs they have followed.