Tax cheats must pay Hector, Oldco must pay Football #StripTheTitles

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Ok so there will be some Zombies raging at this no doubt and some Tims telling me to do moving along, but for mine it must be said, cheats must be punished.

The Oldco which exploited Football and then died before us all, only to be revived in time for its 140th birthday where it became both the same club and the victim of all around it is hands down the greatest tale of deluded nonsense in sporting history.

It covers up the greatest rorting of the rules by any team in any league in any sport in the history of organised competition.

If you have a stronger example of theft, lies, deception, ingrained bias and collusion from administrators, the press and sporting officials then, by all means, give me an example.

Forgive me for not holding my breath.

I still find it amazing that if I were to steal an apple from a supermarket I could be imprisoned but if I rip off the taxpayer 48 million quid we all need to come together to do moving along, ostensibly for the game that got shafted for a decade by the spivs at Ibrox.

The deluded can howl at Craig Whyte’s acquittal, the facts are that he was the tip of a massive iceberg and one which should have been investigated in its entirety.

That not one charge has been leveled against SDM is an absolute joke.

Craig innocent Whyte didn’t need to call one prosecuting witness so poor was the smear campaign against him that spilled into the courtrooms.

It wasn’t a matter of him breaking laws but the perception he had broken laws that found him in the dock, on the other hand, there is so much evidence against the Oldco leadership as that it is beyond doubt, yet paradoxically the press refuse to whisper even a word against their old editor of Succulent Lamb.

It is endemic of Football’s culture in Scotland that if the press say it it must be true and if they don’t then it couldn’t possibly be.

We heard from Walter under oath sing a different tune to the rampant denials and obfuscation which is every RRM opinion whereby the threat of perjury and a jail sentence isn’t on the table.

Furthermore, we heard from McCleish stating that the only way to win was to cheat, these smoking guns have been conveniently forgotten.

That Scotland has no appetite for stipping is a sad fact, in fact it is a miserable and depressing reality that even Hibs and Aberdeen won’t stick their heads out, well at least at boardroom level.

But this is an utter irrelevance, these clubs are afraid of the cash cow not coming to spread its manure in the pockets of Petrie and Milne, what do we care, we can’t even fill the Broomloan and their allocation has been slashed as well.

Celtic tried to get this referred and found no support, something that is as shameful as those pesky Scottish fans wearing Rangers scarves at McDonalds.


When the EBT payments are demanded back in due course as is happening now, the illegal titles too must be marked with an asterisk.

I doubt it will happen though, somehow, stealing an apple remains a greater offence than a generation of fraud in bonny Alba.