Tener for your fiver? How’s £15 million for your Bosmans?

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The cycle of history is upon us, in ’94 as Celtic buckled under the burden of mismanagement and debt, the Oldco turned the knife. It brazenly declared that it would run down Jock Stein’s 9 in a row record, by spending £10 for ever £5 that Celtic spent. Of course they died chasing shadows, spending money they didn’t have. 22 years later, it’s now Celtic’s turn to twist the blade.

Celtic by contrast to Rangers (IL) are not borrowing to spend, are paying tax and are owned by an actual billionaire in Dermot Desmond. Unlike Agent Whyte or Sir Minty, Dermot Desmond’s businesses are not in liquidation, he doesn’t do business for a pound and doesn’t need Keith Jackson to tell us if his wealth is off the radar. He is one of these billionaires that has money, stocks and businesses. A bit different to the Motherwell born variety or Knights with crutches.

Celtic can conceivably blow Sevco out of the water next season by forcing the Newco to spend big money on players it can’t afford. We are going to hear an endless amount of guff about Leicester and Hearts and what can be done on small budgets in short time frames. But we have a large and talented squad, with a few quality signings and the promotion of our invincible youths we can pressure Sevco into their favourite past time: spending other peoples money.

Sevco are at a hiding to nothing, if they continue with the Bosmans and Celtic buy well, their fans will rage when they fall behind. The Orc’s will start howling and their board will spend money from an investor from overseas unknown to all the day before. It wont spend King’s money that’s for sure.

Fergus McCann wasn’t drawn into SDM’s bidding war back in the 1990’s. He came to the club to pay off its debts, rebuild its stadium and stop the 10 in a row. Now Sevco, devoid of money in an asbestos filled stadium itself literally falling to pieces, have to try and stop Celtic from winning 10 in a row.

The cycle of history has done a full lap, from this cycle a few lessons must be learned. Of course for Celtic that over spending can lead to liquidation, and for Sevco that under spending can lead to a glory era for your cross town rivals. I remember ’94 to ’98 very well, it was horrifying. The Oldco won everything, we won next to nothing.


If you are old enough to remember, then smile, it is our turn now.

For everyone that remembers the look of a shirt with McEwans on the front and Gazza on the back, the time for vengeance is at hand. Sevco’s options are to spend what they don’t have trying to catch us or they can balance the books and watch us run their records down. Tener for your fiver? Hows £15 million against whatever you’ve pinched from Accrington Stanley.