The Billy Boys

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Everyone has heard the ‘Billy Boys’ and its choice blend of sectarianism, hate and the desire for wholesale genocide. Everyone reading this will have at some time been called a Fenian Bastard, probably even the Ghirls reading this. But that a song which calls for us to surrender or we will die as they are up to their knees in our “Fenian” blood is allegedly described as a “great song” by a current director of the Newco is an allegation that shouldn’t merely be apologised away.

Can you imagine if Celtic fans sang songs about genocide? Well i would stop supporting the team if we did, that we sing songs of rebellion, of freedom and of our heroes who established the free state, the Republic and who stood firm in ’69 when the Billy Boys tried to wade through The Short, Armagh and Ballymurphy is for me however a matter of pride. Lets us be clear, fighting your oppressor and wanting to wipe out those you oppress are completely different. That the Bill doesn’t allow for this is somewhat perplexing.

Nazi salutes vs Hapoel.

Nazi salutes vs Hapoel.

The song sheet at Ibrox has changed little over the last decade, European audiences have breathed at ease as of late beause, well, the Newco have been banned from it. Even if Sally could have won a Cup (not the Ramsdens, no qualification to Europe there) Sevco were not allowed to play for 3 years. Now that period has expired they can dream again of standing behind Israeli flags offering Nazi salutes to the inhabitants of a city they will soon defile. Ask any judge outside of Scotland, their behaviour is “Hunish”.

The term Fenian itself is not an insult for me, it means rebel. If I am called a Fenian I always reply: “Thank You! I am not you know, I was too young in 1998 to volunteer because Britain surrendered to the ‘RA and there is no point trying to join the Provos now because the UK pays their pensions in the PSNIRA.” By all means borrow that one, i am yet to get a coherent come back. That said there is very little audible that comes from the mouths and minds of the deluded.

Common Orc

Common Orc

Graham Spiers article whereby he made the allegation that the Billy Boys was thought upon with high esteem by a current Newco director should be an alarm bell which leads to an investigation. Instead it is an alarm bell for the Survivalists to take to social media and attack, lobby and then ultimately rewrite the truth. We have seen it time and again from Jim Spence at the BBC, Vanguard Bears threatening Bampots and now a national paper apologising for a journalist doing their job and reporting the news.

It was a matter of weeks after playing Brechin City as Sevco Scotland that Rangers* Celebrated its 140th birthday. In between there was an EGM where Sevco Scotland held a vote on changing its name to The Rangers Football Club. That vote was passed unanimously, but in the Survivalist narrative the article “The” has seldom been used and itself will probably disappear in time, much like any other articles which annoy Scotland’s Shame.