The case for Bain as first choice keeper

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Scott Bain has set tongues alight with a remarkable set of saves against a petulant Airdrie/Clydebank at Paradise in the Scottish Cup.

He pulled of 5 reaction saves in a matter of seconds in a goal mouth scramble any keeper on earth would be proud of.

Moreover, when the ball was at his feet he refused to punt the ball into the midfield instead passing out to his defence, one ball in the first half expertly found the midfield splitting to Airdrie/Clydebank players.

Craig Gordon has played an admirable role at celtic over the last few years, he has pulled off some remarkable saves denying our opposition in Cup Finals, Glasgow Derbies and throughout the Premiership.

However, in his last game vs the Newco, half of his saves were mopping up his own mess, his distribution is woeful and when Celticencounter a high press as we often do away his style of play isn’t suited to what the team is attempting to achieve.

Whenever this debate comes up between who should be first choice, Celtic fans will often state that we give away distribution that Bain would provide to maintain a proven shot stopper which Gordon has proven himself.

With Bain himself showing his class, surely now is the time to give him an extended run in the first team.

He is cool with the ball at his feet and strong between the posts, with Celtic refusing to invest in our troubled defence, we are going to see teams press us in the knowledge the ball will go backwards and then be launched into a crowded midfield whereby the chances of the opposition retrieving posesion increases.

With Bain, we have the opportunity to nullify this by playing out from the back, where Gordon is seen as stronger is at stopping shots on goal, Bain himself has conceded just once in 7 games, that is only one goal in 630 minutes.

6 clean sheets out of 7 is a ringing endorsement, what more does he need to do?

The facts are on the table, he is strong, steady, young and ready to take his chance, it is time to give Bain the chance to be our custodian in the League, he offers a strong hand in goal and sure foot to a leaky defence who themselves need all the help they can get.