The Celts are coming for 115

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The Rangers are coming was the cry from Leagues that Celtic by birthright have always avoided.

We were told by some that we weren’t in their League, that they were going for 55, Magic hats were discussed as was Stevie G’s unfortunate slip.

Rodgers had never won a trophy, Red Imps, Mulgrew is leaving and we have no Centre backs… who else remembers August 2016?

Because we are a million miles ahead from there now.

Their early delusion and our shambolic recruitment and beginnings to our European Campaign have been replaced with an enthusiasm, optimism and pure joy that i have never experienced.

Even under O’Neill, things were never this good.

Our club has a mountain of money, our opponents a mountain of debt and court cases to boot.

We are chasing our 102nd trophy, they haven’t won anything we play for since their inception in 2012.

Wee leagues and Challenge Cups are not what European Champions contest.

The Oldco left its records at 114, if Celtic win against Aberdeen we could mathematically run it down in Rodgers 4 year contract.

Once Hector is finished stripping however we will find ourselves already in front of Them.

But we will covet that number, we must run it down and once and for all shut Them up about their deluded world record.

That will more than likely be in the next 4-7 years.

We are banking on winning the Premiership in that time and will be devastated if we don’t pick up at least 1 cup a year after all.

So let Ra Peepul know, Timmy is coming and he has a mountain of money, a squad worth more than that mountain and is chasing another mountain to go with last years mountain that we pulled out of the Champions League.

The Oldco’s records are at our mercy, i cant see The Rangers winning their first Premiership for some time.

They will win a cup at some stage and we will all hear about 119 with 3 lower leagues and a challenge Cup to go beside an actual national honour.

All of that glued to the liquidated corpse of an institution that they all watched slowly expire.

Yesterday i saw a hilarious picture from some Rangers IL on twitter asking Celtic to mind the gap, they should rather mind our footsteps.

We are going to run Them down.