The Colombian Jelavic

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Alfredo Morelos has had his value soar like the ball he kicked into the stand in front of an open goal vs Ayr on the back of his 15 goals.

It takes me back to another window, one in the 2011-12 season when an extremely talented Croatian by the name of Nikica Jelavic was the best player at another club playing out of Govan.

Throughout the transfer window, we were told nothing was wrong at Ibrox, finances were fine, no need to sell, the player is happy and he can only leave for a king’s ransom.

Ridiculous numbers were bandied around in the media and the auction began… between the tabloids.

West Ham made a bid of £7 million but they held out for at least £8 million.

On the last day of the transfer window, he moved to Everton for a mere £5 million, it should be remembered the Oldco bought him for £4 million and he had two and a half years on his contract.

In fairness, he was worth more and was due a move to a better club.

The dead team tried to get megabucks in their hour of need, instead they were forced to settle for tuppence.

2 weeks later the Oldco entered administration and subsequently died as we all know.

Now we have the media at the bidding stage, they have found a club which cannot be reached by Bampots as Twitter is banned in China and they peculiarly have a transfer window which ends at the end of February.

It serves two purposes, no questions can be asked directly to the club by Bampots and it gives Sevco another 11 days to talk up their prized asset.

When he eventually turns them down to stay at his beloved anti-Catholic, black hating club it will be out of loyalty with a subtext of unfinished business etc.

But the consequence will be very real for this fantasy if it bursts like a bubble as many expect.

Firstly when King stands before the Queens court, he will be asked why on earth he reportedly rejected 4 bids (likely 5 unless they take the £11 million on offer in today’s paper) whilst claiming to be penniless with a demand he raises £11 million?

All King needs to do is accept this bonafide offer and all Sevco’s problems go away.

No cold-shouldering, no Wonga style loan, immediate opportunity to get a Nomad and raise millions more through a share issue.

All they need to do is accept the money on the alleged table.

The defence of we made it all up your honour won’t go down well, more to that if they maintain a lie in court the charge will be perjury.

Sevco will see the season out, Wonga brothers have seen to that, but Dave King now has two options, get a Chinese side to spend £22 million inclusive the 100% tax on the transfer or cold-shouldering.

As the clock ticks down on King, their lies are painting them into a corner from which they will not easily return.