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I’m not sure about how the SFM came into existence. I invite others to apprise me of their genesis. I may be misinformed but I get the impression that the co-founders contributed to the Orwell prize winning site, The Rangers Tax Case, which lifted the lid on tax malfeasance by the former board at Rangers. This board included Dave King and Paul Murray. Despite being complicit in this deception and malfeasance, both King and Murray were passed as ‘fit and proper’ to take up positions at RIFC. This has led many to conclude that a cabal at the SFA, namely Campbell Ogilvie and Stewart Regan, aided and abetted by Ralph Topping and Neil Doncaster, colluded with Rangers to either assist in this malfeasance, or to engage in a cover up.

The most compromised of these four individuals was Campbell Ogilvie. The SFM allege that Mr Ogilvie engaged in the signing of contractual arrangements that both breached SFA rules and were subsequently ruled by HMRC to be illegal. The SFM have documentary evidence which proves that Mr Ogilvie engaged in this activity on the 3rd Septemer 1999. The SFM also have sight of the side-letters provided to Ronald De Boer, Craig Moore and Tore Andre Flo. These letters are available for inspection at their site.