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The horror stat that spells £40 million disaster at Ibrox

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The two clubs who have played out of Ibrox over the last 14 years haven’t spent much time in the Champions League.

We have heard plenty about how Celtic haven’t won after Christmas in Europe since beating Barcelona on aggregate in 2004, but we hear even less about how both Sevco and the Oldco have failed to get to the group stages of the Champions League for a generation.

Whilst last seasons dash to the toilet was impressive, the facts are that Sevco are going to be in need of some help to get through this tie.

They haven’t exactly been setting the world on fire in the Champions league, the last time a club from Ibrox played was in 2009/10 with the late Walter Smith at the helm.

Sevco will need to win by 3 goals or get at least 2 clear goals to take it to extra time.

Should the Belgians hold their nerve and history continue, Sevco fans will be rushing to delete the tweets saying Europe was the priority last season and the league didn’t matter.

For the avoidance of doubt, Celtic are awaiting the teams we will play in the group stages.

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