The one player at Sevco we should buy off the administrators

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We are hearing that the season is likely to be called over and delivered rightfully to Celtic, we are also hearing that the SFA are going to invoke the Force Majeure and allow clubs to enter admin without the requisite 15 point deduction, in fairness, this is an unseen circumstance, well at least for those without a going concern.

But the point of this article isn’t to argue the semantics of an act of God, it is to talk about the consequences of it, primarily surrounding what happens to a company when it enters a state of admin.

Basically those who were running the show are ushered out the door, all their holding in the company are frozen and all their decision making is put to the side until both a profitable business plan emerges and the problems left by the old regime are fixed.

If I were to hypothesise upon what those problems would be at Ibrox, it would be a bloated wage bill primarily, outstanding works on the stadium and also an acute lack of funding through traditional streams such as merchandise.

The administrators would first have a fire sale of the players at the club with quiet literally no reasonable offer refused, this both brings in money and cuts wages in one go, the modus operandi of the administrator.

Now we have heard some deluded fantasies emenating from there surrounding, Morelos, Kamara, Morelos, Barisic, Morelos and… well… Morelos for some time.

Out of these the only player who would indeed walk into the Celtic side would be Borna Barisic, he is the left-back we would love to see commanding the position, Kamara is a fraud, Morelos is a choker.

Jock Stein said “Celtic jerseys are not for second best, it won’t shrink to fit an inferior player” with Alfy he is disqualified by our new multi million pound deal with Adidas, apparently Adidas jerseys won’t expand to fit overweight players.

Besides we hate the bassa and i would vomit seeing him in Hoops throwing himself on the floor, but Borna would be a real coup, a gem under our noses.

Buying him of the Newco and saving that rancid mob, hell no, buying him off the administrators for a song, well why the hell not, send Bolingoli the otherway and give them what they paid from Osieck, 2-3 million quid.

Seriously, the administrators can’t turn that down and whilst I will cop pelters for writing this, it isn’t as if this lad is Nacho, McCann, Fud or Wallace, he isn’t one of them and would slot in and skelp them as well as plugging what has become the one contentious position on our roster.

If we were to buy him from a distressed ethereal entity I would be very happy, if not, I can see us searching for another replacement for the 2 men brought in to replace Tierney.

We have already spent 5 million on that quest, far less would land us the only piece of quality they have in the only place we need a player.