The people without honour

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Bless Partick for their stubborn adherence to tax paying and respect of those deserving of it.

Our oldest city rivals give honour to like minded brothers of our city, those who accept and encourage.

Their respect ended up with a hard earned point that few expected the Jags to take.

It was well deserved and served a warning to Celtic, one beautifully heeded.

But such things as honour, precedent, rationale, reason or logic allude the deluded.

Observance of footballing protocol?

We never expect such things from the deluded and why should anyone care.

What is a guard of honour from the most dishonourable club on the entire planet?

The most corrupt club on earth wont stand to our honour after they told us they were coming or going for 55.

I am looking forward to three things between now and Moussa’s recovery to take his place in Hoops in the Champions League qualifiers.

Beating Sevco.

Going undefeated.

Winning the treble and feeling like i did 16 years ago.

In Brendan We Trust.