The Rangers get €35,000 fine for “damaging more than 500 seats and throwing objects”

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Old Firm are back looking under the couch for pennies to pay yet another fine from UEFA for the actions of their delinquent supporters who not unlike in the Glasgow derby a few weeks back were throwing objects onto the field, it appears no glass was thrown this time.

It is however disgraceful that over 500 seats have been damaged by the 10 year old club, a staggering number, €5,000 has been fined for this offence, you would think the money will be given to the Serbians to repair their stadium.

This weekend we are going to lock horns with the horde in a winner takes all Semi Final of the Scottish Cup, it is time that the SFA started handing out fines like this or we risk them just doing it at will.

Here is a taste of the article above.

Rangers have been handed a fine of nearly £30,000 following last month’s Europa League last 16 tie with Red Star Belgrade.

The club have been told they are being charged with two separate incidents from the game in Belgrade on March 17th.

The Ibrox side have been given a fine of €30,000 for fans allegedly throwing objects, as well as €5,000 for “acts of damage by supporters.”

UEFA stated in their report that the Gers must ‘contact FK Crvena Zvezda within 30 days for the settlement of the damages caused by its supporters’.

Video footage circulating online after the match alleged both sets of fans were throwing items at each other during the clash in the Marakana.

It was reported following the game that Gers fans had damaged the away section of the stadium with chairs having been ripped up, with reports in Serbia claiming more than 500 seats were ripped out by Gers supporters.

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