The rich selling club closing the gap on the poor buying club

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Today’s rumours about Moussa heading to France are the final straw, we are yet to secure European Football and have the Newco coming this week, our recruitment is nonexistent and now we are contemplating offers for on of our prized assets.

We have watched across town a club which entered the window a shambles and is going to leave it exponentially better than when it started, the difference couldn’t be starker.

We are watching Them offload dross and bring in respectable players, on the other hand we are still yet to sign a Centre Half, a Right Back or to replace Armstrong in the midfield.

Worse still Boyata could have been offloaded for a small fortune and his destabilising influence nullified, that money could have been used to buy quality in the glaring issues we have in our defensive structure.

That we were offered 9 million and slapped an extra million on that yet are entertaining offers of around 13 million for Dembele is ludicrous, we should have bit the hand for one and slapped 20 on the other.

This is playing into the hands of Sevco, we are artificially closing the gap with intransigence and poor deals, we can afford to buy the players we need and indeed should.

Across town they can’t afford players but yet again are spending speculatively in the hope of making the money back through a Europa League run, something they are 90 minutes away from.

Should we qualify for Europe or not is of little consequence to the longevity of our club, it is, however, important for the holy of holies at Paradise, the dividends paid to our super-rich owners.

We are not set up on a Leeds United style business plan that is contingent on us playing Champions League Football, instead, we are hoarding money from 2 massive seasons in Europe and it seems we are trying to make a profit by selling players first and then offering a fraction of that money to the manager for replacements.

The next few days are huge at Celtic, I fully expect that we will either get a loan or two or an unknown player to develop into a Footballer.

I assume the Peepul are waiting for a positive result from Ufa, should they get it I wouldn’t be surprised if they spend all of the prospective gate receipts and prize money in 48 hours and strengthen further.

If we get through or not I wouldn’t be surprised if we sell Boyata for less than the 9 million we turned down and then sell Dembele¬†for a fraction of his actual worth and look to Man City to loan us a few players to appease the support.

It is as if we are actually trying to make the League closer than it is, or should be, imagine the roles were reversed financially?

We would lose the Premiership by 20 points.

All the money in the world does nothing for our team unless it is invested, it is time to spend on our issues and maintain our best players, 72 hours from the end of the window isn’t the time to be doing your deals.

After the last 2 years, I would have hoped we would have learned that lesson by now.