The Times releases Oldco squirrel as Newco runs out of money

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The story on everyone’s lips is that HMRC overestimated a bill that was due from Oldco Rangers (RFC 2012) to the tune of 50 million pounds, a princely sum of no consequence, they still owed a fortune to the 271 other creditors, had sold their season tickets to Ticketus for 3 years and were toxic to all investors, so why are we hearing this now?

Simply as we head towards the winter break no external money will come into the 7 year old outfit unless a hastily arranged friendly can be organised between maybe “Rangers” and AC Milan legends, a car boot sale at the Louden or some other brilliant initiative conjured up on Follow Follow.

As it stands Ra Peepa have openly stated they need an extra 10 million to see out the season, with MASH hovering with another 10 million being suggested and damages yet to be negotiated with Hummel, the people are in a precarious position.

To the habitually stupid this seems like an opportunity for a compensation package, even if it were true that compensation was to be paid, it would go to the face painter and co, not the same old Ranjuurs that exists in the fairytales known as the SMSM.

Had this story in fact emanated from the Daily Record or the Scottish Sun, it is likely that it would have been dismissed by even the most stupid elements of the other team, not even they buy into the guff of these rags anymore, it had to be an external well-trusted source.

King George V was himself killed by his own staff so that his death could be reported in The Times and not the evening tabloids, it now seems that a different King has courted the services of a world-famous paper to highlight the victimisation felt by a certain demographic as they themselves head towards their own much less dramatic administration.

The Newco itself had an IPO which raised 21 million pounds, money the People had under their beds, they waited for one clubs end then started another, they won’t have to do it again, the Newco isn’t so heavily in debt that the deluded can’t pay its bills and save us all the hassle.

In truth, I hope they survive, we are getting our playing group back to where it should be, we are competing on the continent again, our stadium is full our turnover huge our opportunities many.

But I fear should they try and write their way out of this again with their trusty hacks to give promises of wealth off the radar and the odd bed sheet memo, we may well see admin again with Ajer, McGregor, Ntcham, Edouard and more sure to attract attention at lower prices than their worth.

Instead of a feel-good story off the radar, a squirrel that is a cure-all before a long run in with no money to keep the lights on with litigation pending, the Ibrox club should concentrate on keeping the Newco alive, lest it perishes like the Oldco they claim is coming out of liquidation… to rejoin the same old club currently playing under their tainted name.

You seriously couldn’t make this up.