The truth about “Charlie Adam’s sisters pants” and why it is NOT sectarian

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Charlie Adam is the idiots idiot. For whatever reason he has been asked to talk about racism involving Rangers players and he now manages to twist the racist abuse suffered by Kyogo into a conversation about his sisters pants.

This is a classic media tactic, don’t think that this just popped up out of the blue, the fact that none on the panel called him out for this shows it as contrived and accepted.

The song is itself due to an alleged liason between a Celt and miss Adam whereby the said Tim reurned with her panties and waved them at the crowd and the song was born, it has nothing to do with racism.

As is recorded in The Shamrock:

The story goes that, at the height of her brother’s Ibrox infamy (as in “Infamy! Infamy! They’ve all got it infamy!”) a member of a Celtic Supporter’s Club (which may or may not have been the notorious Discobus otherwise known as the Henrik Larsson No.1 CSC from Penilee in Glasgow’s south side) had a romantic liaison with the said Miss Adam.

In an act of chivalry rarely seen in the modern age, our swashbuckling hero vaulted the steps of the supporter’s bus and appeared in the passageway holding aloft a prized possession as if it was the Jules Rimet trophy itself.  It was, of course, the young lady’s under garments in all their glory – which led to this tune soon reverberating through the bus and far, far beyond:

Charlie Adam’s sister’s pants are the best,
You can sniff them from the East to the West,
Oh they’re better when they’re soiled and they’re damp –
Charlie Adam’s sister’s pants!

In the podcast he brings up his nephews one of whom has developmental issues, as if the song targets them, it is a light hearted song about a one night stand with a pair of panties taken as a trophy, this has nothing to do with racism.

It was not an attack on his nephew or a reflection on his condition and when he says “I am not on the radio trying to get any sympathy”, well man, you were on the radio to talk about racism, instead you were just trying to get sympathy.

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