Timeline to downfall becomes clear

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Sevco has been living off soft loans for some time, one of the reasons being that it spent all the season money on flops and were broke in the summer, the other because directors were willing to give them.

With Cold-Shouldering of the Newco now almost inevitable, the very loans that have kept its knuckles dragging along will dry up as they will become illegal to give.

No business can be done with a cold-shouldered entity and the 3 Bears will have to risk pariah status for funding the 2012 outfit.

On the 22nd of December, Dave King was ordered to offer 11 million pounds for a share offer by the takeover panel.

He has since appealed and the appeal will be heard in a few weeks time, when he loses this the next month of soft loans will not be forthcoming.

Sevco is staring into the abyss and the media is talking about Murphy and Pena, it is no different to 2012 when everyone was talking about magical solutions instead of tangible concerns.

Cold-shouldering is on the way, pariah club is a matter of weeks away, the implosion is on.

Sevco won’t die due to this, direct administration will probably do them good, but if we assume Celtic will win 7 in a row this season, then you can basically assume administration will guarantee 8.

They will have no budget for players, no European football to attract players with and will have an enforced plan heaped upon them revolving around forcing them to make a profit.

With the players they have at hand they have little to no chance of winning their first ever major trophy.

If Sevco is made to follow financial regulations it will be putting the Tribute Act in the Auld Biskit Tin just as we loosen the purse strings and allow Brendan to build his own team.

To exit administration, they will have to show themselves as a solvent business and that will then mean their next seasons transfer budget will be curtailed by them needing to break even.

Without European football they have no real capacity to raise their revenue, Ibrox only holds so many and their merchandise deal actually expires at the end of the season with no takers looming.

They will find it extremely difficult to make a profit let alone pay off debts and then earn a war chest for a transfer budget.

A share deal has been spoken about since 2014 when they spent the lot and started living week in week out as they do to this day.

If they do have a share issue it will be to pay off debts first and then to raise capital.

Not an attractive prospectus.

What happens in courtrooms over the coming weeks will decide where the silverware will be in the coming years.

10 in a row is being handed to us on a plate.