Tis the season for Administration

Sevco is falling to pieces financially, even more so than usual.

Those who are regular readers of Phil Mac Giolla Bhain wouldn’t have seen so much activity since the Sevco share price hit 4 for a pound.

The ruling against Dave King and the potential cold-shouldering that awaits have me yet again heading to google to find out what that term means.

Sevco is a magical teacher, I can now use the words, ethereal, metaphysical, concomitant and holding vehicle in my daily vocabulary.

Now the consequences of cold-shouldering are very stark, no listed business can do business with Sevco whilst he remains a cold-shouldered director.

So the Louden Tavern will be the sponsors featured on the Sevco top as no business will be allowed to business with them whilst the criminal is at the helm.

Their hopes of a megadeal for merchandise will have gone out the window, they will have gone from 4p in the pound to “The majority of net profits(-a 3 million pound payoff)” to nothing.

Who will make their kits?

Puma has made the minimum effort to promote Sevco after none of Pedro’s Galacticos were paraded in the manufacturer’s wares.

Sevco’s big club mentality demanded a 3rd strip when they don’t have enough first strips for their training sessions.

Sevco will find no one who is legally allowed to do business with The Rangers.

Ashley won’t have Newco merchandise for the Peepul to boycott next season.

The coming window reminds me a lot of 2011-12, the title in the bag had turned into a neck and neck race.

Then Celtic won and never looked back, 6 weeks later and Sevco dropped 10 points entering administration of St. Valentines day.

In the 2012 window they tried to get as much as the could for Jelavic, selling him to Everton on the last day for 5 million.

They should have had a firesale to pay the overdraft, in the end, they held onto the pie in the sky idea that everything is going to be fine.

Then they died.

This winter they need a firesale or to come to amicable agreements to terminate contracts or they are screwed.

We heard they were in need of soft loans in June, the money is gone, the business is a pariah and their stadium is falling to pieces.

As in 2011, what Sevco do or don’t do in the transfer window will decide their fate.



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