Tom English takes a dig at Sutton after “bare bones” tweet

Image for Tom English takes a dig at Sutton after “bare bones” tweet

Tom English tweeted last night 20 minutes after Chris Sutton (check the times on the tweets below) with a hash tag itself plucked from Sutton’s praise for Celtic.

Firstly Sutton wrote the following:

This was followed by English taking the bare bones remark by Sutton and turning it into a hash tag, he also explained why he was against stating Celtic were bare bones as we had 8 internationals vs just 3 from County.

Tom English is the official home of tragic patter when it comes to the round ball sport, the thread on this post is a belter of Celts basically wading through English’s tears, by all means add your own reply to the hundreds on it.

If Chris Sutton is as aware of such a minor authority on the game or not is anyone’s guess, I would be surprised if this goes unanswered though.

Should Celtic win on Sunday without a recognised forward in the line up as in our last 2 matches, English can look forward to some bare knuckle let alone bare bones treatment on twitter.

Until then Kieran said it best.

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