Twitter account attacks Celtic due to “Anti-Semitism, the Pope and the IRA”

Image for Twitter account attacks Celtic due to “Anti-Semitism, the Pope and the IRA”

Well I can’t say I have ever heard of Footy limbs but they are one for the watching, never have we seen such ridiculous allegations from an account which is clearly overlooking the sins of other clubs to highlight a very narrow agenda which in itself is xenophobic.

Let me be clear, being pro Palestinian isn’t anti Semitism, believing in your own religion is a human right which we have enjoyed since the 1829 when the Liberator Daniel O’Connell repealled many but not all of the anti Catholic penal laws.

The IRA are a nationalist group who in their first incarnation fought for Irish freedom after it was passed 3 times by the House of Commons and rejected 3 times by the house of Lords.

This followed the UVF buying 20,000 rifles in 1914 of the Germans threatening war if home rule was granted despite it being overwhelmingly voted for by the Irish electorate.

In 1969 the IRA reformed due to Loyalists attempting to ethnically cleanse Ulster, on both occasions the IRA was reactive to British oppression and can rightly be categorised as freedom fighters.

Celtic fans were quick to call out this account.

He atoned for this deleted tweet by uploading a video of the Oldco playing Celtic.

He explained the reason he won’t share Celtic content is because he is a bigot that hates the Pope, also that he is connecting the IRA with Celtic.

This set of a lot of replies on the following threads, by all means add your own.

This has to be the best reply of the lot.

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