Union Bears call all Hooligans to attack ‘fenians’

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Jesus wept! In a week where we have seen the Peepul pawn their pie stall to stay alive, whilst screaming of a resurgence, they have now called us Fenians showing Them kicking us whilst on the ground.

How heroic of Them.

Now to explain what these illiterate fools have actually written, the term ‘fenian’ is written with a capital and the Union Bears are a single organisation so it would be ‘has’ instead of ‘have’ but who is to expect the Peepul to understand their beloved English grammar, they think liquidation means life after all.

They have encouraged their membership to wear dark coloured clothing which is the call sign of casuals not wanting to stand out, instead those who want to appear in uniform that is individually indiscernible to police.

Their promotion which has a Celtic fan prone and being kicked in the head is a disgrace, the SNP has a policy through the Act of forbidding fans from singing songs found offensive, this is a call to arms against an entire community.

We know what they are like, they will mass at the Louden and they will go marauding through the city making sure to offend as many as possible, this will likely lead to strife.

There is yet to be a response from Sevco or the government, when the Green Brigade hold up a flag of an oppressed people they are pilloried, when Sevco call hooligans to arms their is silence.

Should there be injury or worse this weekend, a new chapter already read threatens to be written.

One that died with the Oldco, one we had never hoped to see again.