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UNREPENTANT INTERNET BAMPOTS has been a cult gift over the past few years for those people with an in Scottish football and who enjoy the biggest farce in Scottish football – a liquidated football club trying to kid everyone on, including themselves, that it never happened.

The SMSM come in for a ferocious ridicule in UIB Vol 2 and in page after page you”ll be wiping away the tears of laughter.

If you are one of those lucky people who purchased UIB Vol 1, you might think you know what to expect from The New Entity. But you are in for a surprise.

If this is your first delve into the world of the Unrepentant Internet Bampots, then you’re also in for a treat. If a week is a long time in politics, then a year in the life of Scottish football and its most revered and feted Institution (no, not Archie Macpherson), is a veritable lifetime’s worth of intrigue, pomposity, and pernicious and poisonous machinations!