Video: Kris Boyd meltdown as VAR gets the call right

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Kris Boyd has spat the dummy on Sky Sports after Celtic received a penalty in injury time of the first half, an award many think was in fact alittle lucky for Celtic.

I must admit when I first saw it I thought it was a tough one, but I have actually been swayed by the below footage, the arm is in an unnatural position and it does strike his arm in the box, by the letter of the law it is a penalty.

Kris wasn’t having any of it though as he saw a chance for Celtic to drop points evaporate.

“I’m just bemused. When you go back to before the international break – Andy Considine against Kilmarnock was clearer than that and you can’t give a penalty there.

“We were all for VAR but you’ve got to be honest. It’s been an absolute shambles. I think the inconsistency from the whole thing is why people are still speaking about it for the wrong reasons.

“You look at the one at Kilmarnock that wasn’t given and that one was given , you don’t know what you’re turning up to do you?

“You don’t know what you’re going to get, it’s the inconsistency. Some refs in the VAR truck will give it and some wont. I’m glad I’m sitting here and I’m not a manager because when you look at some of the decisions that have been given, you’d be going off your head. Really, really frustrating.”

Boyd later appeared to have a dig at Celtic fans, adding: “I’m sure there won’t be any complaints about referees this weekend anyway.”

There will be complaints Kris, as we have said over and over again the time for foreign officials is long overdue.

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