Videos: Loyalists fall off bonfires burning our flag and effigies

Image for Videos: Loyalists fall off bonfires burning our flag and effigies

Happy Twelfth of July Tims, you know the day when institutional bigotry against many in our support is seen as a cultural or KKKultural affair as it were, today there is something on line to make you giggle.

That this clown is holding an entire can of petrol on an already lit fire itself is ludicrous, he is actually lucky he didn’t spray it around and have some of it take the flame or he would have been burnt to a crisp.

He landed on his head and got up meaning he was likely taking some of the sponsor of such affairs product, he probably has woken up 20% thicker than when he went to sleep if such things can happen mathematically.

In an era whereby we are told we have a phobia if we get someone’s pronouns wrong, we can still burn Irish flags, Vatican flags and effigies of people including democratically elected women without even a whisper of condemnation in the SMSM.

Welcome to Britain in 2023, well not really, welcome to Northern Ireland in 2023, never was British and never will be.

The knuckle dragging from the sycophants will however continue in Glasgow until such time as Glasgow council makes the city an inclusive place for all.

The one above seemed to jump off, he will now be looked after by the NHS and explain to the nurse that he was burning a flag and got injured, why on earth is this allowed and why should tax payers need to foot the bill?

As is often the case in July, it is better just to ignore these fools and their flag burning, but the question remains to one and all, how would you feel if we did this to you?

If it were any other culture, any other race or any other religion the police would be on this like flies and it would lead the news worldwide.

Then why not for us too?

Just saying.


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