Walker, Nicholas, Commons, the anti Celtic click bait that sells papers by the 1000

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Firstly, I loved Kirs Commons as a player, he was one of my true idols and man in my top 20 Celts which includes Larsson, Mjallby, Boyd, Jackie, Lenny, Skippy, Big Jan, Naka, Boruc, Fraser, Hooper and Broony, look at those names, look at that company.

The verbal diarrhea that he has been spouting about Celtic has become tiresome, it wreaks of sour grapes, a man who was overlooked by Brendan from the get-go due to injury and then through not having a place for him in the team.

That he has now fashioned a career sitting on the sidelines continually sniping at Celtic is heartbreaking, how can someone who brought so much joy on the field and whose actions and that of his wife made us all smile off the field, fold like a deckchair and tow the noise of the fanzine media?

His latest outburst on James Forrest being certain to sign for a southern club a few weeks after committing himself to Celtic for a further 4 years is ridiculous, it comes a week after hosting the now infamous Celtic in crisis segment on Sky with former Newco and Oldco player Kris Boyd.

That, of course, followed Sevco losing to Livingston, the thought behind the editorial would have been to compound Celtic’s misery, as it would have been thought The Peepul would have jumped us.

This was it was lazy reporting at best and pure pish at worst.

Kris Boyd’s name beside such a piece is normal, the man compares himself to Larsson for crying out loud, self-promotion and exuberantly stupid statements are the norm for a player lamenting Sevco dropping points and not skipping the team he is contracted to play for.

But that Kris Commons would put his name to the crap we are regularly seeing him write is sad, unfortunately, it is not unprecedented as Nicholas and Walker can attest.

Bloggers are often called obsessed for our topics involving the Newco, I have received a thousand comments saying “Who gives a fuck about them write about Celtic” in the 3 years I have had this blog, but equally as interesting to the other side of the fence is a negative story surrounding Celtic.

The Peepul flock to bad news about us so much so that the press just makes it up if there is none to speak of, it is a skillful way of manipulating the clicks online and the headlines that sell their fetid rags on the street.

Happy stories about the Shame will only sell so much, the Peepul are desperate to tap into Celtic’s misery.

After an awful start to the season, we all took a deep breath at halftime and smiled thinking where has that been!

The relief was palpable.

Upon fulltime the natural order had been restored, we are within a game of regaining our supremacy and remain above the trophyless team from across the city, the fears that churned on Thursday had been washed away with the reaction we had all craved.

That this fantastic story can be turned into a negative really shows what the editors want, they want a negative Celtic story, regardless of the facts, they need those extra clicks, those extra sales and nothing sells like misery in the SMSM.