Wallace and Tavernier “Legends” post slammed by Celts as they claim 7 trophies!

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The Newco fans are again on the deludamol this time with their claims that by rights that Lee Grass Wallace is a…. ahem… a legend, then therefore penalty maestro Tavernier must be one to, they even have inflated trophy tallies to boot!

Let’s just have a look at these numbers a little more closely, Lee Wallace came to Oldco Rangers in July 2011, 7 months before Admin day, they were still spending.

Not a lot mind you, he came for ยฃ1.5 million, he then won nothing with the Oldco and made his debut vs Malmo in the Champions League qualifiers that they lost depriving them of the money that would have kept the lights on.

He then stayed on at the Newco whilst the rest fled like rats and for this has seemingly been awarded legendary status, he of course was humped out of 4 League Cups and 4 Scottish Cups including losing a final where he complained to the referee and was called a grass, likely his most memorable act throughout his career.

The 4 trophies he won were the lower league titles and the Petrofac Cup which they won at the 4th attempt after being skelped twice by Queen of South and Alloa and beaten in a final by Raith.

When he played in the Premiership with the Newco, he was part of the team torn to pieces by Moussa and quickly vanished from the scene.

Legend you say?

Tavernier will at least have a top flight trophy to his name when he retires and it is a big one, but 29 of his 69 goals were from the penalty spot according to Transfermarkt.

He also presided over 4 straight trebles for Celtic, something no captain has ever done, watch their city rivals win everything for the length of a cycle of a World Cup.

If winning 1 trophy out of 15 domestically (Including Scottish Cup and League Cup from when they were in the Championship and this seasons League Cup but not the Championship or Petrofac as Celtic have never and will never play for lower league titles) makes you a legend then by rights Nir Bitton must be something of a God like figure in Hoops.

Bitton has won 7 Premierships, 4 Scottish Cups and 6 League Cups since 2013, His 17 medals number nearly as many top flight medals that all the Rangers players have between them!

If you want to see what real legends look like then look below.

Brown with 10 Premierships, 6 Scottish Cups and 6 League Cups and King Billy with an incredible

1 European Cup
9 Premierships
6 League Cups
7 Scottish Cups

The term legend gets thrown around a lot these days, believe me Wallace and Tavernier are miles away from such status.

Marvin Comper has more Premiership medals than Wallace and the same as Tavs.

Just saying.

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