Warbo’s a dead man walking

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Warbo has turned from the pet poodle of the SMSM to the mongrel begging for scraps from its table.

After Sevco threw away 2 more points and any last lingering chance of the Premiership, Warbo has set his sights on who is to blame.

The answer is not one you would usually expect to hear, its “certain papers”.

Speaking to the Daily Record, Warbo moaned:

Asked if four wins out of 10 was good enough in what he admits is a results driven business, Warburton replied: “The pressure comes from certain papers. If you read certain papers then you think the pressure comes from the board because we have won four out of 10.

“Had we won against St Johnstone instead of drawn, where would be in relation to Hearts and Aberdeen?

Now this is First Class delusion.

Had they won where would they be in relation to the teams currently coming second and fourth.

Is this what the wee Newco measures itself against?

The teams either side of St. Johnstone on the League ladder.

Well better that than all this Oldfirm guff.

Warbo however wasn’t finished there however:

“I think there is a lot of nonsense written. We have spoken to enough genuine Rangers supporters that we are not listening to the five per cent minority, we are not listening to them at all. The feedback we get is positive. They understand we are trying to play.

“There have been some rogue comments in papers, or radio phone-ins, whatever it may be – but if the board come and speak to me that is a different proposition.


For the first time I agree with the Mark Warburton, there is a lot of nonsense written in the papers.

But to suggest that the chorus of boos, be it at Ibrox, on social media or now in the SMSM is due to just a 5% minority is frankly daft.

“Rogue comments” are more like mainstream comments these days.

Only the truly deluded are holding long term faith in the former Brentford boss.

But the most crass was left for last, the idea that Sevco will be second is based on the idea that Celtic will beat Aberdeen and that there will be a share of points between Hearts and St. Johnstone.

Their next to games are home to Kilmarnock (who they drew with away) and Ross County (who they drew with at home) so they are by no means certainties for the points.

If Warbo drops these games which you would expect them to win, then we will be lucky to see him at Hogmanay.

Hearts and Aberdeen will be ruthless with them.

Far from worrying about getting rid of Barton’s contract as he cant work with the manager.

Sevco will soon start thinking about getting rid of the Gaffer as he is clearly not up to Premiership quality.

No one is talking about the cost of buying out Warbo’s 3 year contract, but they soon will.